I'm Alex Young a web developer, originally from Halifax, West Yorkshire, now based in the North-East of England and currently working for a SaaS startup in Newcastle-Upon-Tyne.


2003-2009 University of Liverpool
Bachelor of Veterinary Science

1996-2003 The Crossley Heath School
A-level: Maths A, Chemistry A, Biology A
AS-level: Further Maths A, French A

Current Role

I currently work as a full-stack JavaScript developer for a SaaS startup. Our product uses an SPA frontend built using React, with a backend that incorporates technologies including GraphQL, ElasticSearch, MongoDB and Apache Kafka. We utilise TypeScript throughout the application for improved type-safety and developer experience. Docker is used for development and production to ensure consistent environments at all stages of development.
My work has included integrating automated testing throughout the application, using Mocha, Chai and Sinon for unit tests and Selenium for E2E testing.

Professional Interests

I enjoy integrating functional programming techniques into my code to create resilient programs that explicitly deal with failure conditions. I have utilised many of these in my daily work with TypeScript, but have also spent personal time learning the Elm language and architecture and applied some of the ideas found there.


Examples of my work can be found on:

Put4 (source) is a connect4 style game developed using React/Redux with an Express/MongoDB backend.

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