🚀 Announcing... test-ids 🚀

A wise person once said...

Code that changes together should stay together

although I can't remember who it was. But that isn't important - what's important is that following this principle for test ids just got a whole lot easier!

What's your problem?

I'm a big believer in starting from a problem not a solution, so let's think about what problems can be associated with defining test ids.

  • Multiple teams need to know what they are - for example, QA want to write an automation test, Product want to instrument a button.
  • It's easy to mistpye and make mistakes
  • Accidental changes can break other teams work

What can we do?

The approach to test ids can follow a few pathways, but one frequent solution goes...

  1. Just write strings in individual files
  2. Argh but how do I get these to test
  3. OK, we'll use a singe file of test id definitions and refer to these in each file that needs them
  4. Oh no my split bundles just got broken, and somebody mis-spelled button. Again. Also, my test ids now live miles from the components that need them.
  5. There must be a better way

We recently got to step 5, and thought through some ways forward that would solve all the test id woes. We ended up with...


Original and thoughtful name aside, what does test-ids do? Well, it lets us define test ids in the files that need them, via a magic $TestId object:

<div data-testid={$TestId.Introduction} />

But transpile these to strings at build time, so there isn't any runtime cost:

<div data-testid={"Introduction"} />

It also extracts those strings into a single JSON file that can be given to other teams:

  "Introduction": "Introduction"

It's a relatively simple idea, implemented via a babel plugin, which is a little bit magic, but hopefully not tooo much.

Sound Good?

I think so, I hope you do too. Why not have a look in more detail in the GitHub repo - https://github.com/alsiola/test-ids

If you like the idea, but think we can do even better, then raise an issue, make a pull request, or send me pleasant messages on Twitter.

🚀 Announcing... test-ids 🚀
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